"A line on paper is like a note in the air..." — Jerry Garcia

Northern Lights by Jerry Garcia

Northern Lights

Embedded in frost is a structure with a tunneled cave-like entrance and supporting ribs like soft flying buttresses leading to the interior. Multiform windows lend a cathedral atmosphere. Entrances and openings cut into a deep snow bank revealing an internal arrangement of rooms, levels and connecting pathways.

The combining of organic and mechanical forms recalls a series of drawings which the artist created in the mid-eighties for a proposed animated film. An overall impression of these drawings is that they suggest an entity possessing internal light, (consciousness), form, (body), exhibiting windows (eyes), levels, (systems), chambers, (organs, heart, brain) and so on. The whole has a spaceship quality, which, considering all the references and similarities with other drawings, can be seen as a display of the artist’s thoughts, fully alive and self-illuminated. -RW

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